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ADDLED is a unique puzzle game for Android.

ADDLED game grid

The object of ADDLED is to select multiple numbers from a grid so that they total a specific value.

The initial levels are simple to give you some confidence, but they will soon become much harder and more of a challenge to solve.

ADDLED is rated "safe for everyone" in all possible IARC regions.

Download ADDLED
Click here to download ADDLED from the Google Play store.

Version 1.13 - 19th of October, 2019.

No Nonsense Privacy Policy
ADDLED does not collect and/or share any personal information. No information is collected while you are playing. No information is shared with third parties.

The required permissions when installing are only used for the Share button. When sharing, the current screen is saved to an image under a newly created ADDLED gallery folder and then that image can be shared via your device's share mediums (email, social media, etc).

Scoring Explained
You start with 100 points at the beginning of each level.

Every time you unselect a selected square you lose 1 point. If you unselect a group of selected squares then you lose 1 point for each square in the group.

If you do not change any selected squares during a level you will get a perfect score of 100.

You can always retry a level where you did not get a perfect score of 100. To retry a level, touch the level you want to retry on the score card.

A quick mention of BODMAS
Operator precedence means that multiplication and division happens before addition and subtraction.

This means that 1+2x3 equals 7 and not 9. You must do the multiplication first and then the addition.

ADDLED uses the correct operator precedence when calculating answers. So if you touch 2 followed by 5 followed by x3 the answer will be calculated and displayed as 17.

Hints and Coins
ADDLED hint icon
If you are finding a level difficult to solve you can use hints to help you. Touch the light bulb icon on the upper left of the screen to bring up the hint dialog.

You pay for hints using virtual coins. Coins are earned while playing the game. A perfect level earns you 2 coins, otherwise you earn 1 coin per level.

ADDLED Dialogs and Screens
The rest of this page includes more detailed help for the various dialogs and screens you will see while playing ADDLED.

The Welcome Dialog
When you launch ADDLED you will be shown the Welcome dialog.

ADDLED welcome dialog

Level Pack

Level packs are sets of 500 ADDLED levels to play through. There are 10 level packs of 500 levels each giving you 5000 total levels.

Game Options

High contrast text uses white text to clearly show numbers against darker backgrounds.

Magnify squares when touched will show a magnified view of the number when you touch and hold down your finger. Without lifting your finger you can move around the grid and get a magnified view of any number in the grid.

Enable sound plays notes as you touch the screen. When you are playing in public either wear headphones or disable this feature.

Vibrate on touch will cause your device to vibrate when buttons and the screen are touched. If your device does not have a vibrator this option will not be visible.

Enable speech will speak the grid numbers as you touch them.

Dialog buttons

Start - Loads your latest score card so you can begin or continue your progress through the ADDLED levels.

Help - Opens this page.

About - Shows version information for ADDLED.

Score Card
The score card keeps track of your progress through the ADDLED levels.

ADDLED score card


The first column shows the ADDLED levels. There are 50 major levels and 10 minor levels per major level.


The second column shows your scores for the levels. A star indicates you got a perfect score for that level. A padlock indicates level access is locked. You must complete the easier levels in order to unlock and access the more difficult levels.


The third column keeps track of how many times you had to restart the level before solving it.


The final column shows how long each level took for you to complete. The times are shaded between cyan for your fastest time to red for your slowest time.

Score Card buttons

Start - Starts the next level.

Reset Score Card - Deletes all your progress and clears the score card so you can start from the beginning.

Game Grid
The game grid is the main screen you will be seeing while playing ADDLED.

ADDLED game grid


ADDLED hint icon
The light bulb icon allows you to use hints to help solve the current level.

ADDLED hint icon
The restart icon clears the game grid and restarts the level.


The top of the screen shows the current level you are playing.

Target number

Under the level is the target display. This shows what total you need to make and how many numbers you need to select to make this value.

Current sum

The third box down displays the current sum and total from the squares you have selected.

Game grid

The game grid contains all the numbers you can use to reach the target number. You can unselect a selected square or group by touching it a second time. You lose a point for every square you change.

Current level score

At the bottom of the screen you will see your current level score.

If you have any problems with ADDLED or have any suggestions to make please contact me.