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Visions of Chaos Screen Shot

Visions of Chaos
Visions of Chaos is a professional high end software application for Windows. It is simple enough for people who do not understand the mathematics behind it, but advanced enough for enthusiasts to tweak and customise to their needs. It is the most complete all in one application dealing with Chaos Theory and Machine Learning available. Every mode is written to give the best possible quality output. There are thousands of sample files included to give you an idea of what Visions of Chaos is capable of.

Program modes
Agent-Based Modelling
     2D Particle Life
     3D Particle Life
     Ant Colony Simulation
     2D Huegene
     3D Huegene
     Pandemic Simulation
     Physarum Simulation
     Primordial Particle Systems
     Termites Simulation
     2D Wa-Tor
     3D Wa-Tor

Cellular Automata
     1D Cellular Automata
         1D Cellular Automata
         1D Totalistic Cellular Automata
         Cascade Cellular Automata
         Combinations Cellular Automata
         Continuous Automata
         Extended Neighborhood Cellular Automata
         Mobile Automata
         Extended Mobile Automata
         Generalized Mobile Automata
         Three Color Totalistic Automata
         Traffic Cellular Automata
         Two Steps Back Cellular Automata
         Two State Block Cellular Automata
         Three State Block Cellular Automata
     2D Cellular Automata
         2D Generations Cellular Automata
         2D Totalistic Cellular Automata
         Accretor Cellular Automata
         Alternate Neighborhoods Cellular Automata
         Alternate Neighborhoods Cyclic Cellular Automata
         Archean Cellular Automata
         Block Cellular Automata
         Coupled Cellular Automata
         Cyclic Cellular Automata
         Digital Inkblot
         Hexagonal Cellular Automata
         History Dependant Cellular Automata
         Hodgepodge Machine
         Indexed Totalistic Cellular Automata
         Large Neighbourhood Totalistic Cellular Automata
         Liquid Crystal Cellular Automata
         Majority Rule Cellular Automata
         MergeLife Cellular Automata
         Multiple Channel Cyclic Cellular Automata
         Multiple Neighborhoods Cellular Automata
         Multiple Rules Cellular Automata
         Nonlinear Voter Model
         Rock Paper Scissors Cellular Automata
         Sandpile Automata
         Self Replicating Loops
         Smooth Life Cellular Automata
         Stepping Stone Cellular Automata
         Stochastic Cellular Automata
         Tiled Cellular Automata
         Triangular Cellular Automata
         Yin Yang Fire
         Zhang Cellular Automata
     3D Cellular Automata
         3D Accretor Cellular Automata
         3D Cyclic Cellular Automata
         3D Generations Cellular Automata
         3D Hexagonal Generations Cellular Automata
         3D History Dependant Cellular Automata
         3D Hodgepodge Machine
         3D Rule Table Cellular Automata
         3D Stochastic Cellular Automata
         3D Voxel Automata Terrain
     4D Cellular Automata
         4D Accretor Cellular Automata
         4D Generations Cellular Automata
         4D Hodgepodge Machine
         4D Rock Cyclic Cellular Automata
         4D Rock Paper Scissors Cellular Automata
     5D Cellular Automata
         5D Generations Cellular Automata

Dendritic Growth
     Dendritic Crystal Growth
     Gravner-Griffeath Snowflakes
     Reiter Snowflakes

Diffusion-Limited Aggregation
     2D Diffusion-Limited Aggregation
     3D Diffusion-Limited Aggregation
     Dendron Diffusion-Limited Aggregation
     Vertical Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

     2D Multiphase Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics
     3D Multiphase Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics
     2D Jos Stam Stable Fluids
     3D Jos Stam Stable Fluids
     Eulerian MAC Fluid Simulation
     Latice Boltzmann Method Fluid Simulations
     Ripple Tank / Cymatics
     Viscoeleastic Fluid

     Circle Fractals
     Complex Plane Fractals
     Ducks Fractals
     Escape Fractals
     Fractal Planet
     Julia Set Fractals
     Halley Fractals
     Householder Fractals
     Lyapunov Fractals
     Mandelbrot Set Fractals
     Newton Fractals
     Plasma Cloud Fractals
     Root-Finding Fractals
     Schroder Fractals
     Secant Fractals
     Fractal Terrain
     Thorn Fractals

     2D Virtual Creatures
     3D Virtual Creatures
     Three Genetic Art modes
     Genetic Bugs

     2D Gravity
     3D Gravity
     2D Gravity Set
     3D Gravity Set
     Light Gravity

Hypercomplex Fractals
     Mandelbulb and Juliabulb
     Polynomial Mandelbulb and Juliabulb
     Manowar Mandelbulb and Juliabulb
     Phoenix Mandelbulb and Juliabulb
     Ikenaga Mandelbulb and Juliabulb
     Mandelbox and Juliabox
     Kaleidoscopic IFS Fractals
     Quaternion Julia Sets

     Cube Divider
     Flame Fractals
     Iterated Function System
     Recursive Lattice
     Sierpinski Triangle

Lattice Gas Automata
     FHP LGA
     HPP LGA

Machine Learning
          Depth Mapping
               Depth Mapping
               Stable Diffusion Web UI Depthmap
          Mesh Generation
               Convolutional Reconstruction Model
               Instant Neural Graphics Primitives
          Gaussian Splatting
          Stereo Image Generation
               Resemble Enhance
                    Audiocraft Web UI
                    Audiocraft MAGNeT
               Basic Pitch
               Dance Diffusion
               Deep Music Visualizer
               LSTM Music Composer
               Stable Audio Tools
               Bark Infinity
               Bark Web UI
               TorToiSe Text-to-Speech
               TTS Generation Web UI
               Realtime Voice Changer
               Retrieval-based Voice Conversion Web UI
               SoftVC VITS Singing Voice Conversion
               Ultimate Vocal Remover
               Voice Conversion With Just k-Nearest Neighbors
               Whisper Speech Recognition
          DeepDream PyTorch
          DeepDream TensorFlow
     Face Swapping
          Deep Live Cam
          Thin-Plate Spline Motion Model for Image Animation
     Image Captioning
          BLIP Image Captioning
          CLIP Image Captioning
          CLIP Interrogator
          Hard Prompts Made Easy
          LAION Interrogator
          NSFW Detection
          OpenCLIP Interrogator
     Image Generation
          Anything To Image
          Img2Img Turbo
          Latent Consistency Model
          SDXL Turbo
          Stability Matrix
          Stable Diffusion Web UI
          Stable Diffusion Web UI DirectML
          Stable Diffusion Web UI Forge
          Stable Diffusion Web UI UX
          Style Aligned Image Generation
          Text2Light HDR Panoramas
          Visual Style Prompting
     Image Processing
          Portrait Editing
               Arcane Style Transfer
               Informative Drawings
          Depth Conditional Stable Diffusion
          Image Color Transfer
          Image Fuse
          Image Mixer
          Image Variations
          Material Map Generator
          Neural Cellular Automata Textures
          Plug-and-Play Diffusion Features for Text-Driven Image-to-Image Translation
          Stylized Neural Painting
     Image Restoration
          Face Restoration
               DifFace Facial Rstoration
               GPEN - Generative Adversarial Network Prior Embedded Network
               GFPGAN - Generative Facial Prior Generative Adversarial Network
          Bringing Old Photos Back To Life
          Lama Cleaner Inpainting
          Stable Diffusion v2 Inpainting
     Model Training
          Textual Inversion Training
     Movie Generation
          Short Length Movie
               3D Ken Burns
               3D Photo Inpainting
               AnimateDiff SDXL
               ModelScope Text-to-Video
               SDXL Prompt Interpolation
               Stable Video Diffusion
               Visual Anagrams
               Zeroscope v2
          AnimateDiff Prompt Travel
          Recursive Outpainting
          Smooth Infinite Zoom
     Movie Interpolation
          APT - All-Pairs Multi-Field Transforms for Efficient Frame Interpolation
          DAIN - Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation
          FILM - Frame Interpolation for Large Scene Motion
          RIFE - Real-Time Intermediate Flow Estimation
     Movie Procesing
          Image Video Colorization
          Rerender A Video
          Stable Diffusion Infinity
          Image Background Removal
          Robust Video Matting
          Segment Anything
     Style Transfer
          Neural Neighbor Style Transfer
          Style Transfer
          Style Transfer PyTorch
          LoLLMS Web UI
          Text Generation Web UI
          ESRGAN Launcher
          Stable Diffusion x4 Upscaler
          Super Resolution

     Automatic Music Composer
     Genetic Music Composer
     LSTM Music Composer
     Whitney Music Box

OpenGL Shading Language
     8673 sample OpenGL shaders
     Custom GLSL Formula Editor and Compiler which includes;
          Buffalo Fractals
          Burning Ship Fractals
          Celtic Fractals
          Mandelbar Fractals
          Meta-Mandelbrot Fractals
          Newton Fractals

     Magnetic Pendulum
     Spring Pendulums

     2D Spirograph
     3D Spirograph

Reaction Diffusion
     Turing Reaction Diffusion
     Meinhardt Reaction Diffusion
     Gray-Scott Reaction Diffusion
     Complex Ginzburg-Landau Reaction Diffusion
     FitzHugh-Nagumo Reaction Diffusion
     Multi-Scale Turing Patterns

     Biham-Middleton-Levine Traffic Model
     Forest Fire
     Lorenz Waterwheel

Strange Attractors
     2D Strange Attractors
     3D Strange Attractors

Universal Turing Machines
     Ant Automata
     3D Ant Automata

Video Feedback
     Three Video Feedback Simulation modes

See the gallery page for some examples of Visions of Chaos output.

Genuine comments from Visions of Chaos users
"VOC is a truly phenomenal product and your superhuman level of additions, updates, maintenance and customer service warrants millions of patrons"

"thanks and congratulations to this great application."

"I want to say THANK YOU for this great application, I know how much work it takes!"

"Thank you for this beautiful software. It is a really accessable tool that has helped me think about the world differently. I look around the world now in awe thinking about dendritic growth and the beauty of chaos theory. I cannot thank you enough, you've really helped provide a source for my artistic interest."

"I've used VoC for what must be 10 years, originally for fractals, fluid simulations and cellular automata. I absolutely love it all! Thanks again for all of your brilliant work."

"You're one of my heroes. Thank you so much for Visions of Chaos. I just wanted to personally acknowledge your gift to the rest of us. It's a beautiful thing."

"Thank you for what you're doing with VOC, it has really helped me dip my toes in the machine learning space without the daunting task of trying to manage all those environments on my own."

"I cannot state how amazingly happy I am with how much support and invovlement you have with the stuff here and your work. It's rare and other projects I'm using and playing with makes me feel your absence deeply."

"Amazing job as always. Thank you for bringing more order to chaos."

"Good job, you're a bit of a wizard, Visions of Chaos has grown from an interesting group of computational oddities to a swiss army knife of experimental code."

"Just want to take an opportunity to thank you for what you do here. This is no small undertaking, and VoC has had an immeasurably positive impact on my life. Thank you, Jason!"

"I believe you somehow are more helpful than mathematically possible, as a developer of software that deals with the most fast changing type of computation in history."

"Thanks for providing us with such an incredibly powerful tool and making all this new technology so much more approachable!"

"I want to congratulate you for the very high quality of your work! You are sincerely impressive. Your creativity is masterful and Visions Of Chaos is a real “gem”."

"I also really want to thank you for putting in all the effort to create this amazing program, and to release it for free. Thanks to you I got into working with AI, because it was the only accessible program for me at the time (longer than a year ago). I've used it a lot for my graduation project with AI, and it has been super helpful. I think that if VoC wouldn't have existed back then I might not have had the AI journey I've had now. Been working with AI almost every day ever since, and love it so much."

"This has enabled me to actually make art despite a disability that renders doing so the normal way extremely difficult. Words cannot express how wonderful it is to be able to get the machine to get the images out of my brain the way my hands just can't."

"the software and up-keep is unmatched!"

"Vision of Chaos is an amazing piece of software for the community. Many many thanks for your hard work. My RTX3090 is very happy :)"

"Thank you for your work. Absolutely incredible, please never stop you are the future!!"

"VoC is just pure bliss btw, appreciate you big time"

"Your program has ruined my sleep schedule and I cannot thank you enough."

"I just want to say thank you so much for making Visions of Chaos. It's an incredibly useful program, and you putting it out there is an incredibly nice altruistic act, and I thank you for it."

"Best free software since Blender"

"Thank you for everything you do with VoC. You have no idea how many ripples you are making throughout time with your efforts. Your imprint is a fractaline surge of inspiration and energy that will be felt for centuries, even if it isn't directly."

"if I could quit my job and play with the VoC settings all day, I would!"

"Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for creating VoC. It's an incredibly powerful toolbox for artists and people with an inquiring mind and I've been telling everyone around me about it since I've discovered it a couple of weeks ago. It truly is an outstanding package and collection of tools to play and experiment with. Your work is greatly appreciated. Thank you."

"I've gotten years of enjoyment of it. I get more out of it than any netflix sub these days lol. Love your work and dedication to keeping it open and sharing knowledge."

"I just wanted to say thanks for Visions of Chaos! I've been doing digital work for 27 years and I don't think I've ever had this much fun. Such an amazing compilation of machine learning programs, I'm obsessed."

"Just wanted to thank you for making something amazing. I have been using [Text-to-Image] and am just amazed by it. Thank you so much for making this stuff available to the masses."

"Like all the others have said, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for making this amazing program and releasing it for free! Its so well thought out. It’s bringing us so much joy!"

"Thank you for making VoC and bringing so many creative tools into one software, it's really user friendly and absolutely fascinating to use, even though I've barely scratched the surface of it's features so far. I'm hooked!"

"I just wanted to say that I admire what you have done with Visions of Chaos. I have been using it for about 8 months and it has brought me untold joy."

"I love your Visions of Chaos! It helps me to create amazing AI arts!"

"Love this app so much, changes everything for me. Thank you!"

"I have never in my life enjoyed a piece of software this much."

"VoC already was superb software and now you went beyond that with implementing this AI craziness."

"I just have to say that VOC is a truly incredible contribution to this field... To have a unified front end to explore multiple scripts, combined with the ability to do batch processing and smooth internal zooming/panning on almost any script is truly incredible. I spent many many hours trying to modify these original scripts to get smooth zooming and never got anything good. Really incredible work - thank you so much for sharing everything completely free!"

"Seriously, thank you for everything. Your software and blog alone got me into Generative Art. I’m blown away by your dedication and consistency."

"I cannot overstate what a pleasure it is using Visions of Chaos and how much I appreciate the work that you put into this software. The moment I started using VoC for machine learning image generation was pivotal, as it not only provided a clean and intuitive user experience that made my workflow much more more efficient, but it also provided a singular resource that greatly expanded my capabilities."

"Thanking you for building such an amazing product. I can't believe you've actually made this."

"I wanted to say thank you for VoC, it is truly an awesome program. It has allowed a non-mathematician/non-coder chaos enthusiast like me to understand and enjoy so many of these concepts in ways that just weren't possible without accessible interfaces and clear explanations. Thank you!"

"Thank you for your software, it is truly an amazing program. I've been messing with the machine learning too much and I absolutely love it, I look forward to seeing all the simulations you release in the future. Keep up the good work, you are greatly appreciated."

"You're a legend <3 This is such a useful software/provides beautiful results!!"

"fantastic program thank you!"

"wow, your projects are incredible. I'm having fun with lots of the different elements"

"I absolutely love what you're doing with Visions of Chaos and your whole ethos."

"Your Visions of Chaos software is amazing, I've been waiting for an easy GUI to dive into machine learning"

"Loving the program, brilliant work."

"Thank you so much for this incredible piece of software, that I've spent countless hours using for video projects and personal fun!"

"I just want to say I LOVE this software. It is simply amazing."

"I've seriously never seen such a great collection of tech demos/automata/image producing programs."

"I am always amazed each time I download the newest Visions of Chaos. I love them all."

"Thank you so much for this brilliant software. You have made these heady concepts accessible to a wider audience of creatives."

"I was absolutely inspired and impressed by your Visions of Chaos."

"You have an amazing program and it has been so much fun to try out different features."

"This is beautiful software and so easy to immediately jump into!"

"I wanted to express how much I thoroughly enjoy using your program and wanted to thank you for all of the innovative technology for which you have contributed to allowing our imaginations flow and produce multidimensional designs!"

"Thank you for creating Visions of Chaos and your blog, I don’t think I’ve seen anything else like it that makes mathematical simulations so exciting and intuitive."

"This software is criminally underrated. I could spend years exploring all the potential it has and still find new stuff."

"I think you've done a great job bringing the Vision of Chaos to life."

"I am especially excited and enthralled about DeepDream and the things I can do with it. Thank you for providing this AMAZING creative tool!"

"I simply wanted to express my admiration for your work, its awesome and inspiring! Keep it up please"

"I want to compliment you on your fantastic piece of software that you created. Not only is it powerful, but has many applications that are infinitely practical."

"My deep respect for all of your program implementations of very many topics concerning chaos"

"I have been using Visions of Chaos for some time now and am still fascinated by it. This might be my favourite piece of software I have ever seen. Thank you so much for the amount of effort you have put into the application!"

"I just wanna say that I am really grateful for both the software and Softology blog, is really doing so much for us!!!!!"

"Thank you for your time, your talent, and many long periods of fun."

"Masterpiece. Stunningly beautiful. After a few hours playing with it I have created some spectacular simulations of things dynamic."

"Thank you for one of my favorite pieces of software. It has been a joy to use ever since I discovered it years ago."

"absolutely amazing generative art software which i wanna see more people using!"

"I'd like to say that I absolutely love playing around with Visions of Chaos"

"Thank You for a very interesting program! I can use hours just trying out all the different modes (I am not a mathematician, I just like to play..)"

"Thank you for the wonderful piece of software you made!"

"I found the Visions of Chaos software conducive to making some newer art"

"found Visions of Chaos right a few days ago .. and have a VERY nice new toy now! =) Great work!.. I already love it!.. thank you very much!"

"what an amazing piece of software"

"one of, if not, the most flexible and powerful CA-related program out there"

"i want to thank you for the amazing and really deep software you have created. I am just scratching the surface it is by far the most intuitive one i have come across."

"It's hard to beat Visions Of Chaos by Softology when it comes to variety of implementations. It's pretty much a grand library of damn near every kind of interesting dynamic/chaotic algorithm, run in many different dimensionalities."

"Absolutely a brilliant program"

"This software is phenomenal, thank you so much for making it available to us for use."

"thank you so much! incredible software and great tutorials!"

"It is in my opinion the Holy Grail of fractal generators. Thanks and keep up the great work."

"I downloaded Visions and I am blown away by your software. I was astounded at the variety of fractals"

"congratulation for your amazing software "Visions of Chaos" it is really inspiring and so deep of possibilities"

"Your program needs more promotion. VoC has so much packed into one program."

"Thank you very much for writing this software!"

"Visions of Chaos is always a stimulating piece of software!"

"many thanks for voc, very good program, i’ll use it to explain things to students"

"Thank you very much for this amazing program - I love it - it is so much fun and to observe the progression of the fractals gives me so much insight into the behavior of nature."

"Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this software! Its fantastic and I love everything about it."

"What an AMAZING piece of software! Congratulations on getting me addicted to something so cool!"

"Thanks for delivering such a magnificent app. I use both the Win and Android version and I admire the work you have put in it."

"I've really enjoyed using the Visions of Chaos program for several years now. The Multi-scale Turing Pattern images are particularly fascinating."

"Thanks for making such a fine program freely available!"

"I am absolutely loving your software! Specifically the 3d and 4d cellular automata."

"Your program is like a Pandora box of all interesting things to try!"

"Vision of Chaos is great software! A real laboratory and a universe to explore."

"Love your work with Visions of Chaos, very inspiring!"

"I've been using Visions of Chaos for a while, and appreciate some of the features that are not found in any other software. Since I am interested in reaction-diffusion pattern formation I appreciate that your software covers this in detail and with more flexibility than some programs I have."

"After more than 30 years of fractal-playing and programming, I think your program is one of the best progs I ever used."

"Thank you for producing such a great program."

"I'm a huge fan of your software and use it daily. keep up the good work."

"I really want to thank you for this AMAZING program, been using it for months now almost everyday, im really hooked"

"Many people are immensely interested in CA but you've taken your interest countless steps further! Your work is a masterpiece!"

"thanks for your beautiful piece of software!!! Seems to be one of the most handy when trying to do some react-diff simulation videos"

"To say I love Visions of Chaos is an understatement in the extreme"

"its really a privilege to explorer chaos and order this way"

"thank you so much for developing this software, it is awesome"

"I have been using VoC for quite some time and this is an excellent piece of software."

"I have just started using voc, it is a wonderful piece of software. Your software is a step above anything else I have used."

"I've told a number of people about your software and I used it a lot in my VJ work! (I think it is a genuine gem)"

"I like it, I can use it easy without reading any instructions."

"it really seems to be cool and so much more versatile than most other tools!"

"Your software has so much potential for teaching others and enabling them to learn on their own. Thanks for creating this awesome program."

"you did a great job in programming “Visions of Chaos”. It shows a fascinating insight of the possible complex patterns that emerge with the help of relatively simple nonlinear mathematics."

"Vision of Chaos is a great Programm! I have many, many hour's fun. Thank you very much."

"It is one of my favourite and most powerful pieces of software"

"I'm a long-time user and big fan of the software, and find it more intuitive and full-featured than just about any other fractal generator out there. I'm also extremely happy that you've continued updating Visions of Chaos"

"Visions of Chaos is a remarkable and easy to use fractal and chaos program. It is highly useful as well as entertaining! It can be used for serious exploration of many fractals of all types by students of these wonderful objects and its hundreds of examples provide hours of entertainment to boot. It can also be used by graphics designers to produce an essentially infinite number of fascinating and beautiful graphics for use as backgrounds and scene elements. The tech support is also 1st class!"

"It is a 'mathematical Leeuvenhoek microscope' looking at objects never before seen. Congratulations!"

"I appreciate your efforts on Visions of Chaos, a very fine program indeed!"

"I have your software which is OUTSTANDING!!!"

"by far i think it is the only program which can do heightmap rendering easily"

"a most excellent software"

"VOC is a very fine program deserving wider recognition"

"Impressive and beautiful 3D worlds are revealed with your software"

"The Mandelbox and Mandelbulb formulas seem much more interesting and varied than others I've seen, plus all the possible parameter variations make VOC even more incredible than it was before"

"Visons Of Chaos is a great fractal program. So easy to use compared to some of the other fractal programs out there."

"I must say that Visions of Chaos is one of the finest fractal software programs I've come across and congratulations for this!"

"This is a really fantastic program that I'm glad to see you are continually updating"

"In my opinion, your software delivers the best representation of what could be called machine art"

"Voc reminds me of wolfenstein and the doom games. Totally addicted"

"I'm thoroughly enjoying Visions of Chaos"

"Your software is amazing. So many possibilities"

"You have taken VOC to new heights and interesting places with this latest version. Thank you very much"

"Thanks a lot for a fine program and perfect support"

"I have spent many hours on the web looking at and downloading fractal programs and I have to say that I am really impressed with your program and its ease of use for a first time beginner it is so much easier to use than any other program I have come across"

"I am one very satisfied customer. Or, I have been searching for fractal software for a few weeks, and just found the "Run of the Mill" boring fractal generators. Then I discovered your program"

"I must say, the more i play around with it, the more intriguing the program becomes for me!"

"I just thought I would write to you to tell you how impressed I am with the Visions of Chaos software, in particular the video-feedback simulation which has kept me entertained for many hours."

"The most versatile fractal program on the planet."

"someone should tell you, this is one magnificent piece of software!"

"Congratulations on a terrific product, I'm still amazed at the quality of the outputs and how it surpasses other well known programs that are widely available in the net."

"I've used Visions of Chaos for about 5 years and never get tired of seeing the different types of images it can make"

"This is certainly one of the most versatile simulators we have ever seen. Highly recommended!"

"I have learned more about the nature of fractals and cellular automata from your program than any other"

"Visions of Chaos is an excellent program(s)!!!"

"I cant move from my PC. My social life is suffering , my cats no longer know who i am and i even dream about flame fractals now!"

"For a person like myself, without a clue as to how the math behind the program works, to be able to produce images of such beauty is mind blowing"

"The range of possible images is simply fantastic"

"Visions of Chaos is an excellent piece of software, and I really enjoyed it!"

"thank you for this masterpiece of programming!"

"I have to say that i tested many fractal generators and i think that Visions of Chaos is the best of all."

"Absolutely fascinating! The mode dealing with Genetic Art has totally captivated me."

"a great research and learning tool necessary for getting up to speed in the visual math of fractals"

"I really think you have a nice program here and compared to Ultra Fractal, Chaos Pro and Fractint it is a simple pleasure"

"What a brilliant bit of software"

"It's got everything a nerd could possibly want!"

"a geek's dream come true"

"I've looked at other CA/Fractal software but I think this one is in a league of its own"

"a total mind f*ck"

"The most versatile windows 3dca i have found yet"

"Truly it is a thing of beauty and a joy forever"

"This is a beautifully done, complex, and detailed chaos program for Windows. I highly recommend it if you are interested in all things chaotic."

"the world of fractals and other wonderful toys made by 0's and 1's"

"uniquely versatile Windows software"

"a quite sophisticated and richly-featured fractal program"


I have created some Visions of Chaos tutorials to give users more help when using Visions of Chaos.

I also have a YouTube playlist of tutorial movies.

Download Visions of Chaos
Visions of Chaos is 100% free to use in any situation (including commercial usage - a link to this website is appreciated but not mandatory).

Version 103.3 - 1st of July, 2024.
See the revision history for changes made in recent versions.

Click here to download Visions of Chaos.
This application will work under 64 bit versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

If you want to use the Machine Learning related modes you will need to perform some extra steps.