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Movie Icon   Visions of Chaos Movie Gallery
To see a selection of sample movies created with Visions of Chaos click here.
I also host my movies on odysee.

Music Icon   Softology Music Gallery
To download the music compositions that accompany my YouTube movies click here.

Gallery Icon   Visions of Chaos Image Galleries
Click any of the following thumbnails to open their specific gallery or click here to open the main gallery page.

DeepDream Gallery 3 DeepDream Gallery 2 3D Accretor Cellular Automata Gallery 3D Voxel Terrain Automata Gallery 2D Strange Attractors Gallery Meta-Mandelbrot Gallery Hodgepodge Machine Gallery Coupled Cellular Automata 2 Gallery Bifurcation Gallery Visions of Chaos For Android Gallery Thorn Fractals Gallery Magnetic Pendulum Gallery Buddhabrot Fractals Gallery Ducks Fractals Gallery Secant Fractals Gallery Schroder Fractals Gallery Halley Map Fractals Gallery Newton Fractals Gallery Hybrid Mandelbulb Fractals Gallery Kaleidoscopic IFS Fractals Gallery Juliabox Fractals Gallery Mandelbox Fractals Gallery Mandelbulb Fractals Gallery Juliabulb Fractals Gallery Anaglyphs Gallery 3D Strange Attractors Gallery 3D Strange Attractors Gallery Quaternion Julia Sets Gallery Genetic Art Gallery Genetic Art 2 Gallery Genetic Art 3 Gallery Yin Yang Fire Cellular Automata Gallery Snowfakes Gallery Langton's Ant Gallery 3D Ant Automata Gallery Gravity Set Fractals Gallery Archean Cellular Automata Gallery Reaction Diffusion Gallery Iterated Function Systems Gallery Flame Fractals Gallery Mandelbrot Set Fractals Gallery Lyapunov Fractals Gallery Escape Fractals Gallery DLA Gallery

Visions of Chaos Mandelbulb Gallery
Click here to see a gallery of the variations of the Mandelbulb triplex algebra that Visions of Chaos supports.

Video Feedback
The video feedback page has information on simulating video feedback, movies of video feedback, links to video feedback websites and technical papers relating to video feedback.

HTML Fractals
The following links show fractal images converted to colored HTML text. Visions of Chaos supports converting any generated fractal image into ASCII or HTML text.

Escape heart - Mandelbrot - Another Mandelbrot - 3D Plasma mountains - Another Mandelbrot

Cellular Automata Music
The following midi files are examples of cellular automata music. Finding CA rules that lead to interesting music is a difficult task. If you download Visions of Chaos and discover a new musical rule let me know.

Chorus - Nice and mellow, one of my favourites.
Test - Another one. A bit more intense.
Banjos - Deliverance eat your heart out.

L-Systems Music
Music created by using L-Systems. It is difficult to find good sounding rules. Most of them "sound like a child learning to play scales" according to my X who heard a few of the bad results when I was trying to find a good rule.

Mystical - First good musical rule I found.
Choir - Choir covering all vocal ranges.
Sample 1 - Piano solo.
Sample 2 - Banjo.
Sample 3 - Another example.

My experiments with Acrylic Pour painting.