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Visions of Chaos tutorials
These pages have been setup to give you a more detailed understanding of the various modes within Visions of Chaos and how to use the many features within Visions of Chaos.

NOTE: These pages are in the early stage of development as the lack of links will show, but I will be working on expanding them to cover all aspects of Visions of Chaos soon. In the meantime if there are any specific topics you would like covered let me know.

TipWhen you see the light bulb icon it highlights a specific tip to make Visions of Chaos more easy to use.

Visions of Chaos General Topics
These topics cover general usage topics of Visions of Chaos that tend to cover more than one of the modes.

Basic Navigation - How to select and start the various modes within Visions of Chaos.

Zooming - How to zoom in and out of images.

Color Palettes - How to load and edit the color palettes of images.

Movies - How to create AVI movies.

Tutorials for each of the Visions of Chaos modes
Clicking any of the following links will take you to a page with more information about the topic.

     2D Strange Attractors
     3D Strange Attractors

Cellular Automata
     2D Cellular Automata


     Root-Finding Fractals

     Genetic Bugs
     Genetic Bugs 2

Hypercomplex Fractals

     Fractal Flames

Lattice Boltzmann Method
     Latice Boltzmann Method

Lattice Gas Automata
     HPP LGA
     FHP LGA


Third Party Rendering Engines
How to use other rendering engines with Visions of Chaos.

Renderers - Mitsuba Renderer and Pixar RenderMan.